KYC at Vision-X Crypto

Vision-X Crypto has implemented a KYC procedure to respect rapidly evolving international regulations and to protect itself and its clients. By following KYC full form, you will be protected from legal risks and will receive a more stable level of service.

What Kind of Identification Documents are Acceptable at Vision-X Crypto?

1. Acceptable (must include a photo):

· Passport;

· Government-issued photo ID;

· Driving license

1. Unacceptable:

· Facebook profile;

· Student card;

· Identification card without a photo;

· Credit card;

· Club membership card

What Documents Count as Proof of Address?

Any of the following documents are considered acceptable forms of proof of address, but must not be more than three months old:

· Utility bill (electricity, water, gas, heating, Internet);

· Bank statement;

· Credit card statement;

· A landline phone (not mobile) or Internet bill

Documents that MAY be accepted (depending on your country of residence):

· Driving license;

· Income tax letter

Vision-X Crypto cannot accept hotel bills as a proof of residence.

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Vision-X Crypto’s fast and diligent

What Happens After Verification?

KYC updates also include monitoring customer transactions, which is an essential element of the KYC policy. Why is it done? To be able to differentiate between normal and suspicious customer behavior in the financial sector, this behavior needs to be analyzed in the first place. It’s better done through transaction monitoring.

Some Problems with KYC

The KYC status check may slow down the registration process. Once you’ve signed up on a digital exchange, you need to provide the required documents and wait for them to get verified first. Until then, you can’t buy, sell, or trade.

Depending on how carefully you read the requirements, the verification process is quick or slow. It is important to check whether you have all the valid KYC documents. Also, there’s no point submitting an outdated document because it will be rejected by the KYC team of the chosen exchange, and you will be asked to resubmit. To save yourself time and effort, we recommend you to always submit the right thing as described in the policy.

Final Conclusions

KYC  is an amazing thing! Verification serves a very, very important purpose and, although it’s potentially time-consuming, it is 100% worth it!

If you’re interested in buying, selling, or trading Cryptos, choose a digital exchange  that operates a KYC policy (like, read their KYC policy and requirements carefully, prepare all of your documents to pass the verification in one step…. and trade safe!